Welcome to Swift Supply, your premier destination for high-quality marine construction products. With our extensive selection and steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer everything necessary to tackle any project on the water. From durable sea walls to reliable pilings and marine-treated materials, including stainless hardware, we’ve got you covered from shore to sea. Explore our comprehensive range of products and discover the Swift Supply difference today!

Welcome to Swift Supply, your trusted source for top-quality marine pilings tailored for building resilient structures such as piers, boathouses, and seawalls. Engineered to endure the challenging conditions of marine environments, our pilings guarantee exceptional strength and longevity. For environmentally conscious projects, our Eco Pile offers a sustainable alternative, crafted from recycled materials without compromising on durability. Build with confidence and integrity by choosing Swift Supply for your marine construction needs. Explore our range today and make a positive impact on both your project and the environment.

Our products and brands include:

  • Round pilings
  • Eco Pilings

At Swift Supply, we’re proud to offer high-quality vinyl seawall solutions. Our vinyl seawalls provide exceptional strength and durability, while also offering low maintenance and long-lasting performance. With their resistance to rot, corrosion, and marine borers, our vinyl seawalls are the perfect choice for protecting your shoreline from erosion and maintaining the integrity of your property. Trust Swift Supply for reliable and efficient vinyl seawall solutions!

Our products and brands include:

  • CMI Shoreguard

At Swift Supply, we take pride in offering high-quality rough-cut marine treated lumber. Our lumber is specially treated to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, ensuring durability and longevity for your marine construction project. Where you are building a seawall, pier or any other marine structure, our rough-cut lumber is the reliable choice. Call us for prices and available stock today!

Our products and brands include:

  • 2.5 CCA Treated Rough Cut
  • .80 CCA Treated

At Swift Supply, we have a wide range of decking products to suit every preference. From classic wood decking that brings a natural charm to your outdoor space, to durable composite decking that offers low maintenance and long-lasting beauty, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we also offer innovative Thru Flow decking, designed to provide excellent water drainage and slip resistance. Whatever your decking needs, Swift Supply has the perfect solution for you!

Our products and brands include:

We’ve got an impressive range of stainless steel and galvanized nails and bolts for marine construction. Our stainless-steel options provide excellent corrosion resistance, making them perfect for saltwater environments. And our galvanized nails and bolts offer enhanced durability and protection against rust. With our high-quality fasteners, you can ensure the longevity and strength of your marine construction projects. Let us help you find the perfect nails and bolts for your needs!

Our products and brands include:

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Galvanized Fasteners
  • Stainless Rafter Ties

We’ve got an awesome selection of dock accessories to enhance your waterfront experience. From piling caps that protect and add a stylish touch to your dock pilings, to sturdy cleats for secure boat mooring, we’ve got you covered. Our dock bumpers provide excellent protection against impact and wear, ensuring the safety of your dock. And don’t forget about our lighting options! Illuminate your dock with our high-quality lights, creating a welcoming and safe environment. Check out our range of dock accessories and take your dock to the next level!

Our products and brands include:

  • Dock Bumpers
  • Piling Caps
  • Dock Lights
  • Cleats
  • Naval Rope

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