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September 2, 2015
September 2, 2015
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Sidney Becker currently works at our Orange Beach location as an outside salesman. He was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, a mere 4,875 miles from Orange Beach, AL. Sidney moved around much of his younger life before his family finally settled in Ardmore, AL, right near the Tennessee line. There he began his career in the lumber industry, working at Wilson Lumber in the summer of 2000. He started in dispatch and worked his way up to assistant manager.

While living in Ardmore, Sidney met his wife Wendy. They were married Oct. 8, 2004, and decided to move to the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Ivan had just blown through the area, and Sidney was hired to work the sales counter at Swift Supply, Orange Beach. His wandering ways continued with him moving back to Ardmore in 2005 as an outside salesman, but his love for the Gulf Coast brought him back to Swift Supply in 2006. Upon his return he worked as the retail floor manager, and was then promoted to outside sales.

As an outside salesman, Sidney has flourished in the Orange Beach market. He has developed a very loyal customer base, and has been the top salesman for the store several times. His customers continually praise his availability and his desire to be a problem-solver.

Sidney and Wendy have two adorable daughters, six-year-old daughter Aidyn and two-year-old Ally. Thanks Sid for being such a great salesman for both the store and your customers. Your knowledge and drive makes everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable.

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