Hurd Windows

Hurd Windows

If you found a window company that gave you absolutely everything you wanted, wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect? Welcome to Hurd. Hurd’s wood windows and doors are custom made with careful attention to every detail of fit and finish. You’ll appreciate the distinctive designs, limitless options and total commitment to one, critical ideal: Perfection

Superb construction: Hurd windows and doors are designed, engineered and built to give you year after worry-free year of performance, durability and beauty. While they are still build them by hand, they use state-of-the-art construction techniques.

Unlimited design choices: You have dozens of satisfactory brands to choose from. Few give you as many design options as Hurd. Even fewer give you as many custom options. Maybe it’s because only Hurd is striving for the same goal as you: Perfection

Superior comfort: If your weather includes blazing sun or bitter cold-or both-Hurd has the glass and glazing options to match. Instead of choosing a single type of glass for your entire home, select your glass for each room according to its exposure to the elements. You’ll maximize your comfort and energy efficiency while blocking harmful UV rays.

Hurd has All-Wood, Aluminum Clad Wood, Coastal Wood and H3 windows.

All-Wood: For a truly distinctive home, you can’t beat the timeless elegance and superb energy efficiency of Hurd all-wood windows. They’re custom made, by hand, to your exact specifications using select pine or eight optional wood species.

Aluminum Clad Wood: Hurd’s clad window’s exterior is encased in a durable, heavy-duty, extruded aluminum. It comes in seven standard colors, 20 special colors and unlimited custom colors. It resists chipping, fading and denting, and makes painting a thing of the past. Inside, you’ll still enjoy all the warmth and beauty of natural wood.

Coastal Wood: Hurd’s FeelSafe coastal windows feature high-strength, shatter-resistant, laminated FeelSafe glass. It’s built to withstand the rigors of hurricane conditions. Hurd FeelSafe glass meets or exceeds the toughest structural codes, and gives you greater protection from intruders as well as wind-borne debris. They feature natural wood interiors and aluminum clad exteriors.

H3: Two years ago, Hurd introduced the new mid-priced H3 window. Shortly thereafter, Window and Door magazine gave it the Crystal Achievement Award. Since then, they have just made it better. As a result, the H3 is still the most advanced, most affordable window you can buy. At its core is the patent pending Fusion Technology. It integrates three perfect materials-extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood-into one perfect window. This unique fusion results in improved energy efficiency and performance, enhanced aesthetics, and extreme seal, and easier installation.

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