Jeff Reaves

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January 27, 2015
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Jeff Reaves started work with the Swift Supply team in Monroeville in July 2007. Jeff has a strong work ethic and a strong loyalty to the company which has made him Helen’s right-hand man. Jeff was born at home in Bermuda, Alabama the youngest of 5 children. After finishing Troy State University, Jeff went to work at B C Moore’s in Monroeville. Here is where he first worked with Helen Skinner, our Monroeville manager. After a year Jeff left to try construction work. Jeff was not through with Moore’s, though and returned to work in the Evergreen location. Jeff soon worked his way up the ladder and was sent to Moore’s headquarters in Cheraw, SC where he worked in the advertising department for 21 months. Sweet home Alabama called him back and he returned to his home in Bermuda, Alabama.

Jeff started to work for a local furniture company for three years, and then moved into management as a personnel director for another three years. The furniture company changed owners and Jeff decided to try construction again. Jeff worked for Hammer Inc. for 9 ½ years before coming to Swift Supply where he was working with Helen again.

I love my job! Finally in my golden years I found the job I was meant to do.

Jeff’s hobby is comic book collecting. Jeff grew up on 80 acres in the country with hunting and a fish pond, but doesn’t care for either of the activities. He says he never grew up and remains a kid at heart.

Jeff also makes DVD’s of old cartoons and gives them to his fellow employees children and grandchildren. Of course all the children think he is great. We think he’s great, too.

Thanks for everything you do, Jeff.

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