3 Great Ways to Add Lumber To Your Decor

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Do You Have the Right Tools for Your Project?
September 28, 2017
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Whether you are looking to update your business or home restaurant, the classic charm of beautiful wood never gets old. There are many lumber varieties out there, and each of them can help you achieve the aesthetics and looks that will suit your space and brand identity in the best possible way.

Read on to learn about 3 great ways to use lumber to decorate your home or business!

Millwork & Trim

Well chosen molding adds character, style and personality to a room. Molding can also give the illusion of height. A room without molding is like a cake without the icing. Come to Swift Supply today to see our extensive inventory of primed and unprimed pine moldings.


Nice wooden doors add charm to any decor, especially when you use paint to add some vibrant colors and make the texture of the lumber stand out. Swift Supply offers a large selection of interior doors.

Ceiling / Decorations

You can give that “old barn” vibe to your establishment by instilling wooden beams on the ceiling. Even if they don’t really have any structural purpose, they will look great and add a nice retro vibe to your space.

For more information on the best lumber and building materials in South Alabama, you are welcome to check out our website or get in touch with no obligation.  http://swiftsupply.com/

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